NA LCS Weekly – S7:W2

NA LCS Weekly Roundup
Week 2
Written by: Josh Cosentino

Now that the second week of the NA LCS is in the books, teams are starting to cement their places in the standings. There’s still a lot of League of Legends to be played, but after two weeks we can see who’s obviously a contender and who’s probably going to be begging for scraps. We did have some surprises, and we’ll get to those in due time.

The Good

Cloud 9 finished the week as the only team to remain undefeated, with victories over Immortals and CLG. Jensen has remained incredible, with a top five KDA and the highest CS per minute over four games. Flyquest finally lost their first match at the hands of Echo Fox. There is not much to be said about this except that Echo Fox looks really good. Hai’s shot calling is still the premiere facet of his game, Moon and Hai have great synergy, and the team has been roaming very well. Flyquest is going to remain a top four team this split. TSM and Phoenix1 also both went 2-0 over the weekend. Biofrost and Inori are both players to watch in the coming weeks, while it looks like Wildturtle is returning to form. Lourlo still has the highest KDA in the league. He still doesn’t die, despite the rest of Team Liquid’s woes.

The Bad

Team Dignitas slipped really hard this weekend after having a very promising first week. They regularly took bad fights, and the bot lane has some serious question marks. Chaser and Ssumday haven’t looked terrible, but the rest of the team definitely needs to improve in their upcoming matches. Team EnVyUs still can’t buy a match, even with LiRa finally getting his visa issues resolved. They’re starting to look like a team, but it might already be too late. They need to get it together, and they need to do it fast. Team Liquid and Counter Logic Gaming both went 0-2 this week, but the losses were each the result of a close series against top teams. Look for both teams to stabilize. Pobelter has been a liability for Immortals, with the most deaths in the league and a wildly low KDA. He just can’t seem to find his rhythm.

The New

Echo Fox looked like a brand new team this weekend. Akaadian still looked like a top three junglers, and the bot lane is really coming into its own. Gate was fantastic on all of his champs. The import talent across the league remained relatively consistent to last week’s stat lines. Arrow, Looper, and Ssumday all did well, while Flame has been struggling to find his posture.

Power Picks

Top – Swain and Fiora have been showing up a bit more as tank counters.

Jungle – Kha’Zix and Rengar remain very popular, and Evelynn is being played more as ban phases have been choking out the jungle pool. She is very good at bringing a team back from behind.

Mid – The mid lane meta is still very much in flux. There’s been a lot of variety, between assassins, control mages, tanks, and Corki.

Bot Lane – Camille showed up in the bot lane as a support, and it looked just as good as Camille top. I doubt that she’ll slip through pick and ban phase again, but it would be great to see her as a support again. The duo lane of Jhin and Malzahar was played more this weekend, and it seems these two have an incredible amount of compatibility.

These two weeks have brought a lot of action. There’s experienced veterans, imported talent, and bloodthirsty newcomers all doing battle on the Rift. Week three is not going to disappoint, either. CLG finally squares off against TSM, and a rejuvenated Echo Fox will wage war against the undefeated Cloud 9. Catch me back here next week, and hit me up on Twitter with any questions or comments!

Game of the week – Echo Fox vs Flyquest Game 3. Watch at LolEsports.

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