NA LCS Weekly
Week 1
Written by: Josh Cosentino

Week one of the NA LCS is in the books, and there’s definitely a lot to talk about. What is a new season without new teams, hot imports, shaky veterans, and a handful of Visa issues. Let’s jump into the action!

The Good:

There are two undefeated teams coming out of the first week of games. Cloud 9 showed up white hot out of the gates by smashing TSM and edging out Dignitas. Their carries looked great, and Juan “Contractz” Garcia was an absolute monster. The other team to come out strong in week 1 was Flyquest, a team with old ties to Cloud 9. The ex-C9 veterans, proved that their macro game was still razor sharp with victories over both Team Liquid and EnVyUs. We’ll have to keep an eye out to see how long these two teams can remain undefeated.

Team Liquid’s Samsom “Lourlo” Jackson leads the league in KDA, and this is a testament to the fact that he’s been nearly unkillable this season. With only three deaths over five games, he’s been heavily impacting games from the front line position. Nicolaj “Jensen” Jenson has also been playing out of his mind. He has eclipsed five kills in four out of his last five games. With the help of Contractz, Cloud 9 may have the scariest midlane in North America at the moment.

The Bad:

EnVyUs looks like they’re really struggling to put anything together. With Lira having Visa issues, Ninja has died twenty-one times in his place across four games. With the visa issues s will not likely to be resolved by next week, it’s likely that we’ll see similar performances from them in the near future. Echo Fox also sits winless, but most of their games were very close. Look for them to bounce back in week 2. Team Liquid were also found lacking in week 1, despite finishing out the week with a 1-1 record. Piglet was somewhat “hit or miss” in their games, so keep an eye out to see if he secures his footing and helps carry Team Liquid to a more impressive set of matches this coming weekend.

The New:

The Frankenstein team that is Phoenix 1 put together a fair performance in both of their week 1 matchups. Look for them to be a top four team going forward. Arrow looked great, even with his stat lines being very under the radar. The top lane imports all seemed to have very different looks so far. Looper looked strong overall, and had good synergy with Echo Fox. Ssumday played well, but his Poppy play was a bit underwhelming. Flame, on the other hand, struggled a bit more than the others. He seemed to have a hard time staying alive on his tanks this week.

Hot Picks:

Top Lane – Courage of the Colossus tanks continue to dominate the top lane meta. Poppy, Nautilus, Maokai, and Fiora have all been top picks. Looking forward, I’d expect to see more Singed. He has been seeing a fair bit of play in other regions, as he can keep the tanks under control.

Jungle – Assassin junglers are being played in most regions, with Rengar and Khazix preying on the weak AD Marksmen. Front-line tanks have also been steady in week 1, with Lee Sin and Rek’Sai also having solid success so far.

Mid – The midlane has been pretty wide open. Control Mages continue to show up, but there have been plenty of assassins, AD carries, and AP tanks to offset that. Syndra, Ryze, Katarina, Corki, Ekko, and Fizz have all seen play across multiple games.

Marksman – Since assassins and tanks are so popular, players in the bottom lane have gone the route of utility carries. Ashe, Ezreal, and Varus all carry strong ults on the rift, and have seen increased use early on in the season. I don’t see this changing until the nerf to Courage of the Colossus hits. Look for a handful of Marksmen to pick up Ziggs or Cassiopeia in the coming weeks for their incredible early pushing power.

Support – Malzahar has been rising in popularity, which is not surprising given that he is seeing a ton of play internationally. Miss Fortune support has also shown up more frequently, as she offers strong counterplay to both Malzahar and another Zyra support. Karma is still showing up a fair bit post nerf thanks to her utility, and even Tahm Kench has come off the bench to bring some additional counterplay to the Ashe and Malzahar picks.

Week 1 – Game of the Week:
Game 3 of Echo Fox vs. Immortals – Watch at LolEsports

That’s all for this one. Tune in next week to see how everything shakes out!

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