An Esports Weekend

Today marks the start of Blizzcon. Each year, Blizzard holds a massive conference which serves as a great platform to hold tournaments and make announcements. Some of the biggest names in eSports gather at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California for this 2-day event.

At the time of publishing, they were broadcasting the Starcraft 2 World Championship Series – Global Finals, the World of Warcraft World Championship, as well as the Hearthstone World Championship. Throughout the day, each of the broadcasts covering Blizzcon peaked around 100,000 concurrent viewers. That doesn’t even include Youtube and other streams which host tens of thousands of additional viewers.

Blizzard also used the conference to make some announcements. The first of these announcements was for the final episode of the Starcraft 2 series, Legacy of the Void. The cinematic trailer is what you expect from Blizzard, particularly when it comes to Starcraft 2. You can sign up for the Beta through your Blizzard account online.

In a more exciting move, they announced a new franchise for the first time in several years. The game is titled, Overwatch, and it is a team-based PvP shooter. The cinematic trailer looks absolutely brilliant in every sense. It could be confused for a Pixar film, if judged only based on its captivating animation! And the gameplay trailer gives us a preview of the class-based system similar to Team Fortress.

It will be interesting to have Blizzard enter the shooter genre. They will undeniably have a massive fan base right out of the gates, and will hopefully bring a lot to eSports in the future. Have a look for yourself and let us know what you think!

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